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ING Solidarity Awards 2016

The FLTRI is participating at the ING Solidary Awards, so we kindly ask you to vote for our National Federation under the following link:

ING Solidarity Awards 2016

Many thanks in advance!

Mutations / Transfers

Transfers from one club to another can be requested from 16th to 31st October each year and take effect on 1st January of the following year.

Transfer requests must be addressed by the licensee itself. They are to be sent by postal letter or email to: 

  • the FLTRI member club where the athlete was licensed previously,
  • the FLTRI secretariat.

The FLTRI board decides on the transfer requests.

Provided these requests meet the formal procedure they will be accepted favorably.

The FLTRI, however ,reserves the member club a veto right provided there is a reasoned objection.

FLTRI Awards 2016 & Athletes evening, 03.12.2016

All Infos on the following document: Invitation_FLTRI_Awards_2016-Site_Internet.pdf

5th FLTRI Indoor Aquathlon 2017