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Tours & Challenges - rankings are online

Current rankings of all the competitions of our Tours & Challenges are now online, including all races up to the Wämper Triathlon

Major corrections have been performed on August 19th. Should there still be problems in the classifications, please feel free to contact us.

Should you find errors or irregularities, please send a message to results@fltri.lu. We will do our best to treat all incidents as soon as possible.

Registration to the National Championships

Please read the general information concerning the registration process to the national championships.

Gentle reminder of some key rules for races held under FLTRI regulation

FLTRI operates under the ITU Competition Rules whenever possible. A few exceptions, due to local requirements and circumstances, may however exist.

Here's a short list of important rules to remember for races held under the FLTRI's authority:

  • Aerobars are not allowed in Luxembourg, not even clip-ons (this applies only to DRAFT-LEGAL races!).
  • Disc brakes are not allowed in drafting races. No restrictions for Kids A/B.
  • For triathlons shorter than middle distance: trisuits may not cover any part of the ahtlete's arms unless wetsuit use is authorised.
  • It is forbidden to use posts, trees or other fixed elements to assist maneuvering curves.
  • It is forbidden to use any  device  distracting  the  athlete  from paying full attention to their surroundings (e.g. headphones).
  • The helmet has to be fastened before unracking the bike and must remain fastened until the bike has been properly racked.